A good read.

job1I saw Robert S. Fyall’s book, “Now my Eyes have seen You: Images of creation and evil in the book of Job” sitting on my roomates shelf, probably due to my constant talk about creation and the waters.  This book is part of the “New Studies in Biblical Theology” series edited by D. A. Carson.  A fine addition this makes to the series, unique due to the topic.  I thoroughly enjoy any scholarly work done in this area of study (as seen previously by my Levenson post) but this one stood out a bit.  The way in which Fyall deals with the sea motif in his forth chapter (“The Raging Sea“), first the texts in Job and then subsequently relating it to the calming of the sea by Jesus in the gospels will be illuminating for many who have not studied the topic (this book having been written primarily for evangelicals).  He interracts with the best scholars in the respective fields and deals judiciously with previous work on the topic.  I recommend it for those who are interested with OT themes of creation, the Leviathan/sea problem, and God’s dealings with evil.

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