Hebrew Beginnings: Habrit Hachadashah

In case you are unaware of it, UBS has for decades been publishing Habrit Hachadashah (The New Covenant) in Hebrew.  In 1959, their copy of the scriptures was the first Hebrew bible to be published in HaAretz.  Read the story here.

Recently, they have released a dramatized reading of the Hebrew New Testament.  I have yet to acquire a copy, but my guess is that it is top notch.

Click here.

The point of this is that if you consider yourself a “New Testament” scholar, or an “Old Testament” scholar, or just someone who enjoys both, either way, this is a great way to study Hebrew while at the same time studying the scriptures you love.  A win-win situation if you ask me.

Here’s a free online version of the Hebrew New Testament for your perusing pleasure!

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